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A night out with Artest

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by Janis Carr, OC Register

ronartestsparksSparks game? What Sparks game?

On the court Tuesday, the WNBA Sparks were battling San Antonio for a playoff berth, coming from behind to clinch a spot.

In the stands, though, it was the Ron Artest show. Actually, it was more like a party.

The newest Laker invited fans via Twitter to join him at Tuesday’s Sparks game. He then randomly picked 24 Twitter followers, who sat and chatted with Artest during the fourth quarter.

“I like to have fun,” said, Artest, who couldn’t walk around Staples Center without fans chanting his name. “Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve had fun.”

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Written by Symphony

September 10, 2009 at 8:08 pm