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Science/ Technology

Dr. Culpepper, Martin is an electrical engineer who works in “nanotechnology,” the science of developing materials at the atomic and molecular level. He is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he builds nanomachines with his students.

Dr. Gates Jr., S. James is a physicist and the recpient of the 2006 Public Understanding of Science and Technology Award for his outstanding contributions to the popularization of science. He is the John S. Toll Professor of Physics at Maryland. He became the first African American to hold an endowed chair in physics at a major research university in the United States.

Dr. McLurkin, James is a computer scientist who works with robots. He and his team of undergraduates at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are building a swarm viewer. That’s a computer program that can get data from just one of the robots that will tell them why all the others are doing what they’re doing. His computer program allows the robots to work together and communicate with one another to solve problems.

Dr. Oluseyi, Hakeem is a astrophysicist and professor of physics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He is currently researching the soft X-ray area of the sun’s atmosphere. He has developed a special detector that he plans to send in a rocket to the sun. It will be able to send back new information about this region of the sun’s atmosphere.

Dr. Wright, Dawn is a professor of Geography and Oceanography at Oregon State University. She was a seagoing marine technician for the international Ocean Drilling Program and a post-doctoral research associate at the NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Newport, Oregon.

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