Tradition of Excellence

I'm NOT the author of the articles. I'm chronicling the stories you may have missed.

Why This Site?

African-Americans are leaders, revolutionaries, and achievers today.  Our achievements are not solely of the past.  Our success did not die with Dr. King Jr., Mr. Dubois, and Ms. Tubman to name a few.  African-Americans have contributed to enlightening and improving not only the United States but the world. Sadly many African-Americans, children and adults alike, are unaware of our successes of the past and even more, the present. We must be careful of letting others define not only our success but our history, values, character and legacies. Tradition of Excellence’s mission is to highlight the distinction and many achievements of African-Americans.

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*Note: This site chronicles the achievements of all African-Americans regardless of political affiliation, social ideology, etc.

Written by Symphony

December 1, 2007 at 12:34 am

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