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Gym owner one of four being honored at African-American Chamber Banquet

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by Gheni Platenburg, Victoria Advocate

Surrounded by treadmills, free weights and walls painted purple and gold in homage to his college alma mater, business owner Nicholas Green spends countless hours in his gym helping Victorians get into shape.

However, for Green, who owns Heat Athletic and Personal Training, 1209 E. Hiller St., helping others get their sexy back is more than just a job, it’s a dream fulfilled.

“If I could do it for free, I would,” said Green. “The reason I got into it is to help folks out on my own level, on my own time and at my own pace.”

Green’s dedication to getting Victorians in shape as well as his business savvy is what caught the eye of the 2010 African-American Chamber of Commerce of Victoria, prompting the organization to honor Green along with three others at this year’s Chairman’s banquet.

Green, 35, is the recipient of the business award.

“Five percent of the Victoria population is African-American, so for them to recognize me as one of the few business owners, which is probably one of the five percent, is fantastic,” said Green. “I think it’s a great deal to be recognized by your own peers. It’s probably as important if not more important than to be recognized by the City of Victoria.”

“The business award is an important award because as a chamber of commerce, we have a sincere interest in growing businesses, particularly black businesses, minority-owned businesses and historically under-utilized businesses,” said chamber treasurer Ron Peace.

Chamber president Matthew Gaskin said Green’s age was also a deciding factor for the award.

“We chose Nick because he was a young man already in business who was expanding his business,” Gaskin said. “He is a good role model for someone who is young and wanting to start a business.”

Green also played on school sports teams at both Patti Welder Junior High School and Stroman High School before graduating in 1993.

For his athletic abilities, he received a football scholarship to Kansas Wesleyan University where he played for one year before transferring to his purple and gold clad alma mater of Louisiana State University and played three years for the LSU Tigers.

Green graduated in 1998 with a degree in finance.

“I’m a finance guy, but my personality won’t let me work in an 8-to-5 environment for too long,” said Green, who quit his job as assistant manager for to pursue personal training full time.

In the beginning, Green said his family was not 100 percent supportive of his chosen business venture.

“My wife kept asking, ‘Why can’t you just be normal?” he said.

He and his family eventually moved back to Victoria where he received his International Sports Sciences Association training certification and began training at Citizen’s Healthily and the now-defunct Gym-X.

Green opened Heat in February 2002 with an enviable amount of clientele of all ages that he’d built up from his time working at other Victoria gym facilities.

The entrepreneur said he chose the name Heat because it’s the only way to burn calories.

“The difference between us and a regular gym is that we get results,” said Green. “The other gyms will take your money monthly, give you a pat on the back and say good luck, but we are a results-based business.”

Green, who has accumulated 10 years of personal training experience, has worked to expand his business.

He plans to break ground with his own freestanding Heat gym facility on John Stockbauer Drive in Summer 2011.

Green is optimistic about his business’s future.

“I think everything fell in place when it was supposed to. This is my means to an end,” he said. “This is just the beginning for me.”


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