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Kyle Burton is a million dollar scholar

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By Joia Williamson, The St. Louis American

Kyle R. Burton was driven and did not want to lay a burden on his parents in paying for his college education.

So he accumulated over $1 million in scholarship offers from different colleges and universities, plus additional funds from various organizations.

“I’m glad that my parents don’t have to deal with me being a financial burden. They paid a lot of money early on for me,” Burton said.

Burton applied to several colleges and universities, mostly Historical Black Colleges and Universities like Morehouse College, Texas A&M University and Hampton University.

In the end, he settled on Howard University. On Friday he left for Washington, D.C. with plans to major in biology and pre-medicine. Burton would like to participate in Doctors without Borders in the future.

Burton has a full ride to the university through its Laureate Scholarship. The scholarship pays for everything, including room, board and a book stipend. Burton will only pay for the university’s entry fee of $100. Burton has set aside the money from working in the summer.

He also received scholarship offers from elite local schools, such as Washington University and Saint Louis University, but preferred the historical associations of an institution like Howard.

“It’s a great opportunity to attend a HBCU, and I hope that different high school students accept that more,” Burton said, “I don’t think the HBCUs in general are getting enough recognition. There are some big things happening at HBCUs.”

Burton graduated from O’Fallon Township High School with a grade point average of 3.4, and he received a 32 on his ACT. He kept busy in school organizations and programs and played sports.

“I was focused on different opportunities; I was driven,” Burton said.

While in school, he worked for the Community Action Partnership and Human Development Corporation, learning how to network and remain professional in a work setting.

“I would work hard, and there was always someone watching,” Burton said.

After taking the PSAT, Burton was ranked as a National Achievement Scholar finalist, and various schools started to offer him scholarships. While applying at these schools, he kept receiving other scholarships.

Satisfying all the requirements before the deadline date was an important factor Burton faced.

“I learned that it takes a lot of organization and time management. The deadlines come sooner than you ever think,” Burton said.

Burton advised students to find a mentor and take advantage of the many opportunities that are available. Burton received help from these mentors and family members when applying for scholarships.

“Establish someone as your mentor. All the adults in my life have really helped me and guided me along the way,” Burton said.

“Make sure your family knows your goals and is focused on your goal as you are. Capitalize on every opportunity, and never look at a situation as if it can’t help you.”


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August 19, 2010 at 5:31 pm

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  1. Great story. Wish these resources were available to me at that age.


    August 20, 2010 at 3:50 am

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