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Dads Show Influence On School’s 1st Day

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An Omaha group hopes a small movement of 50 fathers bringing their children to school will eventually spark a citywide effort to get thousands doing the same thing.

Willie Hamilton has become a staple on the first day of school at Mount View Elementary. All three of his children attended and graduated.

“I love this school. I love this area,” Hamilton said.

He’s a member of Black Men United. For three years, he has organized the group of fathers who bring their children to school. It’s part of Million Father March Day, which Mayor Jim Suttle declared this year.

“Kids remember the smallest things — a touch, a word, to see men doing positive things — I think it really inspires them to be more positive,” Hamilton said.The group’s focus is to provide the fatherly influence on young lives, he said.”There has to be a male figure there to teach them how to be a man,” he said.

Suttle said the day is about celebrating the interaction between men and their sons.Foster parent Kevin Reid said the interaction makes a huge difference.”You’re not just sending them to school, you’re bringing them to school,” Reid said.

Hamilton said he wants 3,000 local fathers to participate next year.


Written by Symphony

August 17, 2010 at 5:52 pm

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