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Three fraternities pledging help to find 1,000 African-American men for Big Brothers

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By Gavin LaPaille,

*Click on the above link for the video report.*

Three fraternities are pledging their help to find 1,000 African-American fraternity men to become Big Brothers this year.  The dance music was booming for a celebration of the commitment Saturday, August 15 at Cox Park.

Former Big Brothers said it’s important they find new members to help young men achieve their dreams; they say it’s all about giving back.

“Sometimes, people think that this requires you to be a parent,” said Alpha Phi Alpha member Charles Piphus. “It doesn’t. It requires you to simply be a friend, in the sense of teaching responsibility and helping to mold and shape them in a way that they’ll remember forever.”

If you want to help a young person become a great adult you can contact the Louisville Office of Big Brothers, Big Sisters.


Written by Symphony

August 16, 2010 at 3:38 pm

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