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Cuisine Noir launches: First food, wine and travel mag for African Americans now online

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by Wanda Hennig,

V__Sheree_WilliamsWhen V. Sheree Williams moved to the San Francisco Bay Area from the American Midwest, she had no idea there was such a thing as culinary travel.

“In fact, the first time I ordered a salad out here (at the Oakland Marriott) and they brought me all this greenery that wasn’t iceberg lettuce, I thought — ‘What is this?’” she laughs.

That was then.

Now, less than a dozen years later, the dynamic young PR and marketing executive has turned into a publisher with a mission. Having seen how her own life opened up as she developed an adventurous and international palate, she’s decided to encourage others to take this journey.

“There are a lot of African Americans — I’d go as far as to say the majority of African Americans — who are exactly like I was. That is, they are typically unadventurous eaters who stick to what they were brought up with and what they know,” she says.

Her mission as the publisher of Cuisine Noir Magazine, launching September 1, 2009, is “to create a food and wine movement among African Americans and challenge traditional thoughts and behaviors as it relates to an individual’s epicurean experience.”

(Read At Home with Terence and Robin Blanchard in the current issue (pictured below, right). The issue’s theme is Seafood Mania.)

“Knowing my limitations and wanting to get over them — I’m still on the journey myself — gives me real insight into what needs to go into the magazine to make it fun, exciting and potentially life-changing,” says Williams.

“My aim and dream is to open the eyes and stomachs of African Americans; to encourage them to get out of their comfort zones; and to make sure they have both a roadmap and a great journey.”

Williams says that, being at the helm of the first food, wine and travel lifestyle magazine for African Americans, she is committed to making Cuisine Noir “a unique an entertaining online publication combining culinary traditions with new cultural experiences that compliments readers’ lifestyles,” she says.

To this end, she will have a focus on culinary travel and her contributor line-up includes a column on etiquette tips and resources (by Tina Hayes), special recipes by Chef Robert Dorsey lll, a column on the joys of living deliciously (by Wanda Hennig), both international and U.S. content, profiles and travel features and more.

Cuisine Noir initially debuted in October 2007, the vision of Chef Richard Pannell, as the first magazine to feature the talents of African-American culinary and wine professionals across the United States. It ceased publication — until Williams was able to work a deal with Pannell to revamp it, reposition it, expand its vision and relaunch it.

Look out for Food Channel collaborations, special offers and suggestions, lots of scope for reader participation, recipes and wine expertise, adventures of the palate stories by Williams and lots more.

Copyright: Wanda Hennig, 2009


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September 2, 2009 at 10:17 am

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