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African-American Children’s Museum Finds New Home

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by Lynette Kalsnes, WBEZ

The Bronzeville Children’s Museum used to make its home in a shopping mall in Evergreen Park. But it outgrew the space, and now has a brand new home that’s 10 times as big.

Pia Montes is the vice president. She says African-American history shouldn’t be celebrated just one month a year.

MONTES: We have a very rich history and a very rich culture, and there are a lot of different things, there are a lot of different inventions, there are a lot of very important people, that you don’t learn about in school.

She helped her mother, Peggy Montes, start the museum 10 years ago. Both women are former school teachers, and they visited a lot of children’s museums. But Pia Montes says they couldn’t find any devoted to African-American history.

The Bronzeville Children’s Museum features interactive exhibits on famous residents, healthy eating and how African-Americans came to Chicago.


Written by Symphony

September 6, 2008 at 7:22 am

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