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From Boys to Men: Helping African American Boys Succeed

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The Cinque Rites of Passage Program: A Program Development Guide to Assist Individuals or Groups of African American Boys Transition into Manhood has arrived just in time for fall programming. The Cinque Rites of Passage is a 13 level program developed by Dr. John Hamilton. This guide is dedicated to motivating African American males to enhance their leadership, decision-making, and critical thinking skills. Moreover, this program is committed to teaching African American males about their African/African American culture and the sensitivity of other cultures to empower them individually and collectively.

The Cinque Rites of Passage Program helps young African American males from ages 10-21 to define themselves as a contributor to society and evolve from a boy to a man. The Cinque Rites of Passage Program will challenge African American males to understand the value of manhood. More importantly, Cinque will assist African American males to value themselves and their worth. Cinque will tap into characteristics of a man as/as being a provider, protector, thinker, forgiver, healer, spiritual, emotional, logical, and a giver and receiver of love. This is an excellent resource for parents; schools; after-school programs, parent advocacy groups, mentor programs; youth groups; YMCAs, church organizations; and any TRIO program to create dialogue, teach lessons, and produce men.

What are scholars saying about Cinque Rites of Passage Program?

Africentric scholar, professor, and author Dr. Moelfi Asante clearly stated that, “Once again Hamilton has written a book that speaks directly to the issue of transforming the African American male. This is an original work with a powerful message: you can change the way people respond to their environment by teaching them the rituals of honor, respect, and character.”

Scholar and professor Dr. John A. Davis agrees that, “The Cinque Rites of Passage Program developed by Dr. John Hamilton is a significant contribution to the literature addressing the need to rescue and reform African American Males. It is useful publication for any community based organization or church interested in addressing the serious problem of the marginalization of African American Males in America. The book lays out a well-researched 13-week program curriculum, which includes a summer program. It provides guidelines for selecting program participants as well as suggestions for the optimum size of groups formed. I am very impressed by the thoroughness of the appendices provided that includes reference materials and useful suggestions for program implementation. The bibliographic references are excellent. Dr. Hamilton can also provide consultation service to any community organization or church that need assistance is establishing a rites of passage program. I highly recommend this book to all who may be interested in establishing a rites of passage program for African American Boys.”

To place immediate orders for the book, a book signing, and/or interview contact:
Hamilton & Associates Consulting
PO Box 2627
Gardena, CA 90247
(323) 309-2502 Fax: (310) 538-0760


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