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African American Media Production Company Launches Faith-Based Interactive Internet TV Station at Wi-FiTV

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Wi-Fi TV Inc. today released the following announcement on behalf of Gods Eye World Outreach Inc., a New York metropolitan area, massive exposure, media Production Company regarding the new Wi-Fi TV station 85 ( and The firm specializes in video production services, advertising, ministry brand marketing and promoting Christian artists and businesses through its two business entities which are an interactive Internet TV station and website. Their business model is to provide a one-stop-shopping, spiritual enrichment and Christian entertainment experience for both children and adults.

“With God’s help we intend to become one of the top Christian website communities on the Internet that is safe and provides moral content,” says Bill Sampson, CEO and founder.
The website and Wi-Fi TV station provide business and service information to its members; it also plays a vital part in the local and regional brand marketing of its faith-based partners. The interactive Internet TV station, which links from the website to the Wi-FiTV web portal, expands the outreach opportunity due to its existing global audience in over 190 countries, including China.
“The Keys to our outreach can be found in Proverbs 16:3 coupled with Wi-FiTV and its unique Social Internet TV platform that outdistances Cable and Satellite TV. (It allows http://www.Godseyewo.TV to be viewed from computers, wireless and mobile internet devices) and some of the unique features we have to offer are live text chat, video profiles, on-demand videos, online shopping, worldwide viewing with no special viewing equipment needed and it’s free. Plus, Wi-FiTV stations are broadcast in the formats that capture the most sought after demographic age groups of TV advertisers, as well as the current and next generations of consumers,” said Mr. Sampson.
“God has given GEWO, Inc. a unique marketing plan that is guaranteed to instantly increase ministry membership and viewership. It is administered by GEWO, Inc. at no cost to its ministry partners. Our mission is to expose the Word of God to the masses unlike some whose major concerns are profit driven,” says the founder and CEO. “Visit our website for more information at,” Mr. Sampson concluded.

Written by Symphony

July 17, 2008 at 6:14 pm

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