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Revealing Look at ‘Black Men’ on TV One

with 12 comments

by Jon Lafayette
TV Week

“Black Men Revealed” is returning to TV One later this month with new hosts Doug and Ryan Stewart. The brothers are known as “The 2 Live Stews” on their syndicated sports talk-radio show.

The series, which returns July 20, is designed to explore with viewers what black men really think, the network says.

Shot at a night club in Atlanta, episodes of the show feature the 2 Live Stews and three male guests of different ages, educational backgrounds and economic status. Topics due to be discussed over the course of the season range from “Why I Never Called Her Back” and “Fatherhood: Just Be a Man About It” to “The Secret’s Out,” about gay black men who pass on the HIV virus to their wives or other female partners.

In the second-season opener, the Stews’ guests will be Dr. Kamau Bobb, an expert on the performance gap for minority students in math and science; Zo Williams, a self-published author and relationship expert; and comedian Johnny Mack, talking about why African-American culture is frequently depicted negatively but remains influential in mainstream American society.

There will be a bit of a turnabout in the season’s finale as women join the Stews; guests will be comedian Sheryl Underwood, radio personality Rashan Ali and lifestyle maven Bevy Smith, aka “Uptown Girl.”

“Black Men Revealed” is produced for TV One by Macvision Entertainment. Executive producers are Alec Chenault, Monique Chenault, Marcus King and Greg Shelton.


12 Responses

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  1. Being a black male, I have found that BMR to be a little disappointing. Last season, I thought the demographics of the guests were too heavily selected from the entertainment industry. As we know, that is just one industry in which BM work. I think that the mindset of professional black men in other industries are much different than those from entertainment as are the women in those industries. Overall, I think the perception portrayed on the show presented BM in a similar vein as the stereotypes – unfaithful, poor father figures, and etc.

    I watched my first episode of the new season last night. I was pleased to see new hosts that didn’t think that dominoes is the most common leisure activity for BM across America. Do not get me wrong, I have played the game. Yet I have played cards, shot pool, or played chess. I digress. The show’s guest included a radio personality, a relationship sex expert (RSE), “Former PIMP”, and the two hosts. I found the relationship sex expert (PhD) to be most positive and rational of the group . To a degree, I think the hosts were playing devil-advocate to stimulate conversation. I think overall BM were shown in a very negative view on the show except for the RSE. The PIMP insisted on challenging the RSE “opinion” and wanted dwell into his personal life. The premise for the PIMP was that if he had not run any “ho’s”, he is not qualified to give people advice, despite the man’s training and numerous books. The other guest, and the hosts at time, continually interrupted him because he was too articulate and used too many big words. It was implimed by several of participants that real black men do not speak that way in normal conversation.!!!!! Given that one guest was a comedian, he may have been joking.

    On a different subject, when has “PIMPs” represented a significant demographic of the BM community? As a black man, I was totally offended that a pimp was given that much airtime. He repeated all the things that PIMP says when interviewed. All men who are not PIMP or don’t agree with them are “squares” when just don’t know women. It was embarrassing to be honest. I will give the show a couple more episodes. Hopefully, the guest will better represent the entire demographics of BM as the season progresses; and not just entertainers, ministers, and pimps. I am an entrepreneur, husband, father, and multi-degreed professional, who is yet to see a representative of my social circle on the show; unless, I count the relationship sex expert. Hell, we have a black presidential candidate, who is charismatic, articulate, trustworthy, and intelligent. I would like to see and hear from that social circle of men as well.


    July 28, 2008 at 8:19 am

    • I agree. These two clowns (Doug & Ryan) are an insult to positive, mature minded Black men. This show sickened me to no end. I see that it is now back on TV One. I guess these are re-runs. I boycotted this show after a few episodes. Why on earth would TV One air this garbage all over again? How insulting!


      September 16, 2011 at 1:49 pm

  2. Thank you! I am a middle-aged African-American women and I was disgusted by the ignorance displayed by the comedian (clown) and the played out pimp that I turned the channel, tried to watch a little later, then turned again. Aside from the comments of the relationship expert, I was really disappointed at the quality of the show!


    July 28, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    • Same here K. To be that old and that stupid is criminal.


      September 16, 2011 at 1:50 pm

  3. I happened to see BMR very late the other night. It was the “Why I Never Called Her Back” episode. I couldn’t relate. Its too easy to get on a high horse about these things and its pointless to indulge in a lengthy cultural analysis of the show. But at the risk of sounding like a hater, here’s a quick take on it.

    The hosts are decent sorts. One moderates the panel, trying to maintain an air of levity throughout. You might expect that to be easy, but it took some work. The other punctuates the show with the jocular humor, urban hipness and trash talk designed to sell Stacy Adams shoes or Courvosier for its sponsors. The panelists all gave variations of the same theme:

    Black women who have sex on the first date are bad.

    Black women who don’t have sex on the first date may not be bad, but if they want something other than sex they are bad.

    Black men who have had sex on a first date shouldn’t (but gimme a high five).

    Black men who haven’t had sex on a first date shouldn’t.

    (You get my drift?)

    The show’s laugh-o-meter blinked whenever this one panelist spoke. A balding, portly middle-aged “international businessman” with a jewel-encrusted cross dangling from around his neck and more rings than Saturn, his every utterance was a damning pronouncement against those who were unlike himself. “I’ve never had a one-night stand! I have more respect for my body!” He was really funny, but he clearly didn’t mean to be. Kind of like the Wizard of Oz after the curtain was pulled back.

    First, if he’s never done it he’s not qualified to discuss it. It’s too emotionally complex a deed for cliche’ and platitudes. That’s something you have to live. Second, the guy came off as mad queer. Third, the more he spoke the more he betrayed how little he knew about women and how little he likes them. I mean, it was palpable. The other panelists seemed to just humor him.

    Black women don’t stand a chance on a show like this. Pretty much everything’s their fault. I can’t comment on every episode, but this one had more in common with a circle jerk than a useful discussion of the topic. I’m reminded of that old joke:

    “What’s the difference between a whore and a bitch?”

    “A whore will sleep with anybody. A bitch will sleep with anybody but me.”

    That sums it up.


    September 16, 2008 at 5:17 pm

    • Rdw2…thank you so much for saying it all. This show is so trashed out and should have never been entertained by TV One or any other station for that matter. There are too many positive Black Men that need to be heard in an open forum such as this one but are not given the opportunity to do so. Instead, they sent in the CLOWNS!


      September 16, 2011 at 1:55 pm

  4. I’m a white woman who watches Black Men Revealed which I might add I date black men as well! As I watch this show I see the racism that show has against white woman and or people. They always comment how they will not date white woman and why or cheapin them because they are white always having to put white woman down. Like talking about “everytime they have a white make up person doing their makeup and they always seem to say, you have such a pretty skin color”. Why does that have to be an issue? Why can’t that be just a compliment no matter what color you are? They seem to take that as meaning something racist because why? it happened to come from a “white person”?????? They do have pretty skin but if a black make up person would have said that then they would have said, why thank you and went on their themselves. They always talk about keeping or kicking it with “their own kind” so to speak as their Mother would kill them if they dated white. Well my Mother would kill me for dating black but I do because I cut that umbilical cord along time ago and to tell the truth “I love my Mother” but she needs to pull her head out of her ass and quit being racist! Love a person for a person no matter what color they are!!!! Now I know where their racism comes from they haven’t cut that umbilical cord yet or grown balls to be their own person! I just wish they would quit with the negativity of white people and finally show black men revealing life with LOTS of beautiful colors of people in this world and how to over come racism and to be open minded while having a show being sober talking about it!!!!! I think they should bring to view more then racism or reveal how to over come it and being racist themselves isn’t one way of doing it!

    Lee Ann from Ohio

    October 13, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    • Lee Ann….One thing can be said about these jerks…they bashed all women; starting with Black Women first. This is the worst show ever to air on TV One as well as television in general.


      September 16, 2011 at 1:59 pm

  5. Today I watch “Black Men Revealed” for about 10 minute that was all I could take of these ignorance men that happen to be black! As a black 51 year old man I’m insulted and sicken by the pure stupidity of these men that happen to be black. I have written many times to TVONE and asked they change the name of the show to “Stupid Men Talking! Every time I have seen “Black Men Revealed” the subject is straight up stupid! Current event is NEVER mention police brutality in the black community NEVER mention. The murder of 92 year old black Kathryn Johnston by three white cops NEVER mention unemployment in the United State NEVER mention! Health matters that effected men in America never mention! The subject on “Black Men Revealed” light skin vs dark skin, men on the downlow, fat women vs skinny women. This program is so stupid and the men who happen to be black so ignorance and to be call ‘Black Men Revealed” does a disservice to all black men! The program should be pulled immediately and all film burn! I have NEVER felt strongly about any like the hatred I feel for this program. I truly believe this program set black men back to pure stupid people! Now I know the ignorance lowlife sick stupid “N”word will say JUST TURN IT OFF! That would not stop other from seeing this disrespectful program. I don’t want no body to see this garbage and as a black man I’m offended by the use of my race calling ” Black Men Revealed”! The panel setup is stupid too from Doctors to comedian to pure idiot. Horrible diction and stupid thought patterns! Alcohol 10 ‘oclock in the morning is just stupid!


    July 19, 2010 at 11:28 am



      September 16, 2011 at 2:00 pm



    September 16, 2011 at 2:02 pm

  7. I commend them for at least trying to have a conversation about the diversity in our community especially as it relates to our issues with one another. I definitely did not like the bafoonish way the comedian ” whatever his name was” acted. I was sicken by his comments I mean why was he there. But Dr. Algun and Bryan the recording/artist etc are refreshing. There needs to be some fine tuning especially in the selection process of who comes onto the show. But basically being and Black woman my self they represent a large majority of what and who we see in our community. I wish that more Black elite took the initiative but in most cases they feel either overwhelmed by our issues or indifferent all together. They have their own community and that is where they are most concern. To the White girl I am glad you are watching the program too many non Black women date our men and really have no clue about our culture. Many tend to be oblivious to why they are actually being selected by our men in the first place. It is not always love I think you are hearing truth represented by Black men the majority of Black men. Next time look really deep before you leap.


    January 19, 2012 at 3:14 pm

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