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4 Jones High students receive $5,000 scholarships from 100 Black Men of Orlando

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Courtesy of 100 Black Men of Orlando Inc., four Jones High students scored big Saturday when each became a recipient of a $5,000 annually renewable scholarship to be used throughout their undergraduate studies.

Since the inception of the Jones High scholarship program in 2003, 100 Black Men of Orlando has given scholarships totaling $300,000 to 30 students.

Winners are selected on the basis of grades and civic involvement.

Students are expected to keep a good grade-point average in order to continue receiving money.

Organization members said they decided to help Jones because of the school’s history and to bring about improvements.

Only 15 percent of 10th-graders at Jones High can read at grade level, as measured by the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test this year.

“This is a historical, black high school with a rich tradition,” said 9th Judicial Circuit Chief Judge Belvin Perry, who helped organize the event at the Rosen Centre Hotel.

“We’re not going to sit by the wayside and watch Jones not succeed.”

The recipients:

Name: Jalyssia Bell

Plans: Attending the University of Florida, majoring in public relations and organizational communications, owning her own public-relations agency.

In her own words: “This gives me an opportunity to better myself, give back to my community. . . . It’s a blessing and a great opportunity.”

Name: Rashad Reese

Plans: Attending the University of Florida, focusing on mechanical and aerospace engineering.

In his own words: “This means a group of individuals who don’t know me care about investing in my future so I can go on and better myself and better the community. That’s very special. . . . It means people are looking out for you.”

Name: Elease Samms

Plans: Attending Cornell University, majoring in architecture, and owning an architecture firm.

In her own words: “At Cornell, this money will really be helpful because tuition is high and so is pretty much the cost of living. This will pretty much ease my way through college.”

Name: Ryan Redding

Plans: Attending Bethune-Cookman University, majoring in computer engineering, and owning an engineering firm down the line.

In his own words: “I will need money for books, for a lot of little things that are needed to go to school. . . . This will make it a lot easier and not so stressful. I’m very appreciative of everything they’re doing for me.”


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