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First African-American Republican since Reconstruction elected to state house

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by Jeremy Turnage

Tim Scott became the first African-American Republican since Reconstruction elected to the South Carolina State House after Tuesday’s elections.

Scott will be representing District 117 at the State House.

Scott was formerly the chairman of the Charleston County Council.

SC Republican Party Chairman Katon Dawson congratulated Scott for his victory.

“I couldn’t be prouder that Tim is the first African-American elected as a Republican to serve in the South Carolina State House since Reconstruction,” Dawson said.


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  1. The Republican Party has no African American elected to any national office. Not one Governor, not one Congressman, not one US Senator. It hasn’t for closer to a decade than not and it looks like that fact won’t change after this next election cycle either. And with what is being paraded as an immigration debate by the GOP even more people of color, Hispanics in particular, seem to be being “put in their place” so much so that even Florida Senator Mel Martinez stepped down as RNC general Chairman over the heated immigration rhetoric. Replaced by, you guessed it, a white male.

    This is just yet another example the Republican Party fails miserably at. It’s called, minority recruiting. The party’s members seem to be just fine with president Bush being the first president since Warren G. Harding not to meet with the NAACP. With their party’s Presidential nominee, Senator John McCain, voting against celebrating the national holiday we call Dr Martin Luther King Day. The GOP’s big issue today, illegal immigration, seems to be just a smokescreen for hate speech against people of color.

    While being conservative or liberal does not denote a skin color, one thing seems to be very clear; conservatives of color are no longer welcome in the party of Lincoln.

    Sources –


    July 17, 2008 at 6:03 pm

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