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Lessons From a Recovering Worker Bee

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Lessons From a Recovering Worker Bee by Dustin Dumas Weeks has 26 lessons taken from her personal experiences that demonstrate how to achieve success in the corporate environment and…life! Some of the Lessons in the book include: asking for what you want and getting it, maintaining your integrity in professional situations and overcoming obstacles when career decisions are not “fair.”

Professionals at any career stage can benefit from this book. It is easy to read and every working person can relate to it. It should be required reading for anyone working in the corporate environment.

Lessons From a Recovering Bee will help professionals achieve that corner office they want and the work-life balance they need. Best of all, those worker bees can become “Queen” and “King” bees!

Check out her book at Amazon.


Written by Symphony

June 10, 2008 at 3:57 pm

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