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Award-Winning Celebrities Take to the Stage to Reduce the Rate of STDs Among African-American Girls

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Studies show that education is one of the most powerful weapons against the growing prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among African-American adolescent girls. On July 28, 2008, some of the industry’s most talented celebrities and media personalities are joining forces to do their part in combating the spread of STDs among African-American youth. As the stars of The Pocketbook Monologues, Kim Coles, Jacque Reid, and Sharon McGhee deliver provocative performances, while simultaneously educating both young women and their parents about issues related to sexuality, disease and prevention.

The Pocketbook Monologues is a powerful tool to help parents initiate conversations about critical issues that are affecting their children, and that can no longer be ignored. Prepare to be wowed by an award-winning cast that delivers tender and stirring performances, while engaging the audience in a dialog about sexuality, intimacy and responsibility. This incredible performance promises to bring audiences to their feet, but more importantly, encourage them to address these issues in their own homes and community.

This year The Pocketbook Monologues celebrates the second anniversary of its New York City premiere with two special performances on July 28, 2008 at the Helen Mills Theatre. Dr. Miriam Burnett, NYC native and President of R.A.P.H.A., is the designated charitable partner for their HIV/Awareness initiatives. In celebration of this historic event, a special guest will be honored in an inaugural ceremony following the performance. Nationally acclaimed speaker, and founder of the Magnificent Women Organization, Cheryl Scales, will present the award. Tickets are available online for purchase: $35.00 for General Admission and $75.00 for VIP Seating, which also includes an autographed copy of The Pocketbook Monologues. ‘Meet & Greet’ Private Celebrity Reception tickets are also available.

For more information about the show or tickets, please visit; call 773-960-6148 or general information email:


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