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Carolina Panthers’ Steve Smith Spends Offseason as Financial Intern

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by Quibian Salazar-Moreno
Black Voices

Some athletes head off to the islands, other spend time putting together record labels, but for Panthers receiver Steve Smith, he’s been spending his offseason as an intern. For the last few years, Smith has garnered a heavy interest in the world of financial planners. He’s been studying the ins and outs of the industry and in an interview with the Charlotte Observer, he said that his current offseason job as an intern with investment firm Morgan Stanley has been a huge learning experience.

“I wanted to absorb all I could,” Smith told the Charlotte Observer. “My wife (Angie) said it consumed me. I just wanted to feed my appetite for the knowledge of what a financial planner does, not necessarily from the investor’s standpoint, but more for the fundamentals of it.”

Smith is actually a Morgan Stanley client and approached local vice president Derek Copeland if he could get down. Smith works two days a week in the office and even went to the New York Stock Exchange last month to meet with some of the company’s executives. Smith is basically going through the same program that any new financial planner has to go through.

“It’s a pretty tough class,” Copeland said. “At the end, he has to give a presentation to a board, like a mock client presentation and run through his financial plan, speak to hypothetical clients. The board gives you a pass or fail. There’s not many well-known athletes that put on a business suit in the offseason, but people around the office really respect him. It’s kind of funny. He’s a large client and he’s going through the internship program. Steve is an intense guy and he brings that same level of intensity into his work. It’s been fun to see.”

Looks like Smith is already gearing up for his post-NFL career. Not a bad choice.


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