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New Website Network Celebrates Being Young, Black and Rich

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YBR Enterprise Inc: A Network for Today’s Young, Black, and Rich Woman

New York, NY ( – Who doesn’t want to feel the unending zeal of youth or experience the never-ending extravagance of the rich? YBR Enterprise Inc is a network that was created for this very purpose. The goal is to uplift, inspire, and transform the lives of women by providing information on a number of topics related to living a successful lifestyle including health, relationships, finances, and education. The website includes- among other things- helpful tips, articles, and success stories on a variety of topics such as motivation, goal setting, entrepreneurship, money management, and success. The site also features a blog centered on these topics.

“Being young has nothing to do with age, just as being rich has nothing to do with money,” says YBR Enterprise Inc. founder Dorianne “Alecia D.” Green. “I truly believe that you can be as young and as rich as you feel no matter what your birth certificate or bank account may reflect.”

With limited positive images of black women in the media today, YBR Enterprise Inc. strives to create a haven for today’s Diva Entrepreneur, where she can not only express herself but find a home for her creative talents.

Alecia D. knows the response to YBR Enterprise Inc. will be strong, “In today’s climate of Reality TV and Video Vixens, it’s obvious that black women are searching for the keys to youth, money, and success. I have realized that each woman already possesses those keys within and it is my goal to help other women realize this as well.”

Alecia D. is a Successful Lifestyle Expert studying such philosophies as The Law of Attraction, Zen habits, and the Principles of Meditation. She is currently a Senior Analyst at a Fortune 500 company in New York and her debut self-help manual is set to be released in the fall of 2008. The manual will be a guide to defining, implementing, and maintaining a successful lifestyle.

For more information about YBR Enterprise Inc., please visit

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Written by Symphony

May 21, 2008 at 8:20 am

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