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Twin surgeons serve in war as army reservists

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“We know our first obligation is to God and country, and we’re going to meet that obligation,” says Vance Moss, a surgeon urologist from Howell.

“But we’re also doctors, and we know the terrible needs in a place like that, so we’re hoping to do what we can for the children of Iraq,” says Vince Moss, Vance’s identical twin and a cardiothoracic surgeon.

The brothers, just starting out on their own with a private practice, are giving it up to go on their third tour in a war zone. Their first two, in 2006 and 2007, were in Afghanistan, where they patched together men and women and many children shot and bombed and burned and ravaged by disease.

Vince and Vance Moss, 36, left behind a clinic in Afghanistan they still support financially and thought they might someday go back to, continuing their work with humanitarian organizations to repair the hurt. Once they were established in New Jersey.

“But we got our orders and it’s time for us to serve again,” says Vince.

The twins, both Army majors in the active reserves, leave for Iraq Jan. 26, turning over their practice temporarily to colleagues who will care for the patients from their office, the Mid-Atlantic Multi-Specialty Group.

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Written by Symphony

January 17, 2008 at 2:22 am

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