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Kimberly Elise talks movies, writing and kids

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Kimberly Elise has a strong body of work that for some reason seems like its just the tip of the talent she was blessed with. She sat down with AllHipHop for a lengthy and informative interview. Here is a snippet. Given that you’ve had over a decade working in Hollywood, do you feel that there’s still challenges for Black women in getting good roles and the right roles? 

 Kimberly Elise: It’s still a challenge. I’d like to see Black female audiences reach out and exercise their power more, and communicate to the powers that be at the studios. Let them know through letters, phone calls and the almighty dollar that they want to see Black women on screen and that we’re here, we are an audience, we count, we matter, we care. We love our Black actresses, and we want to see them more. That kind of power that we have, I don’t think we exercise it as much as we can so that it does resonate.

Read the entire interview at AllHipHop


Written by Symphony

January 1, 2008 at 5:11 am

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