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Danny Glover talks “Honeydripper”, activism, “Toussaint”

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The next Danny Glover movie to hit the screen will be director John Sayles’ “Honeydripper” due out in the beginning of 2008. Great interview in which they manage to hit on his current film, his 2009 directing project (“Touissant”), history, race, and music. Danny Glover is definitely more than an LA cop (“Lethal Weapon”) and Mister (“The Color Purple”) and he’s even more off-screen.  Here is a snippet:

BSN: So, what interested you in the scri pt of Honeydripper?
DG: Oh, man, it always starts with the story. This story was just so compelling, plus the period was fascinating, and I liked the way in which John Sayles, the director, was able to integrate the music with all the changes that were happening during that period. So, there’s not only the musical dynamics of it, and using music as a metaphor in some way to talk about change, the piano being superseded by the electric guitar and rock music etcetera, but also the way in which John has layered the story, and layered the characters. They have their own histories whichreflect a much broader history of the changes which were about to occur. 

Read the interview at Black Star News


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December 31, 2007 at 8:24 pm

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