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Gloria Reuben returns to NBC’s “ER”

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Goria Reuben wants to use her time as HIV-positive Jeannie Boulet to spread HIV/AIDS awareness. The actress says its a one episode appearance but she hopes to provide more than just an hour of entertainment.

“The ball has been dropped even though the numbers specifically in the African American and Latino communities are going through the roof. It’s a pandemic that really has fallen off the radar for the most part in terms of the general media. So it’s wonderful to be able to use the avenue, the role of Jeannie Boulet to keep the message in people’s minds and just kind of remind them a little bit that this hasn’t gone away and it’s actually impacting more people now than it was a few years ago. What an incredible thing to carry along with it this story of Jeannie Boulet from a few years ago, because anybody and everybody who would be involved with HIV/AIDS would know about this storyline. It’s kind of that blessing of being able to have a familiar face that is connected to an issue and then being able to talk about that issue and people may want to listen a little bit more.” 

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December 27, 2007 at 7:57 pm

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