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Clothing line seeks to promote unity and empowerment

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In African American I Can, Bob Foglia, President of African American Icon, has created clothes with positive adages and statements for the Black community. 

“We envision building a brand and clothing company that not only creates inspiring and quality fashion, but also helps create jobs and income for marginalized African Americans like young men leaving the prison system or single mothers” adds Foglia. Bob sees African American Ican (AAI) as more than a fashion statement. He proclaims “AAI is a movement.” These groups and other young people outside the mainstream can take part in this movement from a business perspective as online web sales affiliates. As we get more successful, we will look to share in more benevolent activities.

While some question whether a comapny and brand can remain viable,  Kamau Austin believes African American Ican has a realistic shot at becoming a successful clothing company. Austin feels “despite the distorted images projected of many young black people, the majority is decent and law abiding. They may very well want to relate to a fashion company with a positive and progressive brand and reward that brand with proactive company goodwill.” Kamau feels, “if African American Ican can also get young blacks involved in their business mix, it could be a win-win for everyone involved.”

Visit AAI at

Read more on this story at Black News


Written by Symphony

December 26, 2007 at 8:07 pm

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