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Emma Brooks makes Stratford (CT) first

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Two weeks ago Emma Brooks was sworn in as the first black woman to ever serve on the Town Council in Stratford, CT.  What makes her election even more gratifying is the disturbing racial divide that has occurred in the last few years.

 It is a town where the White Wolves, a white supremacist group, was established by Stratford High School students within the past decade, and where Council Minority Leader Alvin O’Neal, D-2, accused a white police officer of police brutality while arresting a teenage girl and himself during a melee in the predominantly black and Hispanic South End two years ago.

What does her election mean to Brooks? “My election symbolizes change, and to me the possibility of moving forward on racial issues in Stratford where we are making progress.” Brooks also sees her election as a chance to inspire young Black girls.

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Written by Symphony

December 24, 2007 at 10:24 am

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  1. Wow! Dejavu or what? My name is Emma Carter Brooks and I just read your story regarding Emma Brooks and her election. A wonderful story and it has inspired me as well because I live in a small town but growing and I have been asked to run for a council seat. That would also make me the first black woman to run for a seat. This article really hits close to home.

    I am always googling my name to see what is new on the web about me. I have written and published my first book, “Southern Quotes” by Emma Carter Brooks. My website is and please give the gift of a smile when you visit. Doing this book was a walk of faith and promoting it is too. Anything you can do to help me promote this book will be appreciated.

    Emma Carter Brooks
    Happy New Year!

    Emma Carter Brooks

    December 31, 2007 at 8:32 pm

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