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100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc wins community award

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The 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. was named the national award winner for the 2007 Mutual of America Community Partnership Award for the “Project Success” program. Project Success was born in 1987 when 100 Black Men of Atlanta went to the largest public housing project in Atlanta, walked into Archer High School, which had a 60 percent dropout rate, and from out of a hat picked a class of 35 children for its experiment in education.

“We told them, we’ll provide you with a mentor and tutors and help you enrich your lives, and if you graduate from high school, we will pay 100 percent of your college tuition,” says John T. Grant, CEO of 100 Black Men of Atlanta. “They all graduated and went on to post secondary education. Today, Project Success is involved in more than 19 schools throughout Atlanta, and the graduation rate is still 100 percent.”

SOURCE: Urban Mecca


Written by Symphony

December 9, 2007 at 10:25 am

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